Week 7 – 2019

1-    We have seen some very inappropriate flags for blind side blocks. It is not necessarily a foul if an opponent does not see the blocker coming, but if he does, it cannot be a foul. There are legal blind side blocks. All three of the following elements must be present for a foul to occur: a) The impending contact is not seen, b) the contact is not with open hands, and 3) the contact is forceful.

2-      Despite our recent advisements regarding keeping opinions out of game reports, we had a regrettable comment this past week from a referee who told us in effect a coach is not fit to teach youth the game of football. Please be careful what you say.

3-      Referees are generally not positioning themselves wide enough, especially when Team A is backed up against their goal line. We had two missed calls this past week because the referee did not get a good view of the action. If the referee is stationed between the hash marks, he is likely too close to the QB.

4-      We had a report of a “fight” for which only one player was ejected and only because he kicked the opponent when the encounter was broken. Mutual takedowns and rolling on the ground are not necessarily a fight; it would certainly be a personal foul on each player and they would likely cancel. If activity is labeled as a fight, all participants must be ejected. Also in the reported case, three fouls were called, allowed to cancel and the down replayed. Almost all fights take place at least partially while the ball is dead and should be treated as dead-ball fouls.



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