Week 6 – 2019

1-      Players can wear tinted glasses under a clear eye shield. We had an official attempt to keep a player out of the game until he got clear glasses. The referee straightened it out.

2-      A chain crew member made a comment to the L along the lines of “You guys are calling everything for them. Don’t cheat or you are cheating the kids.” For something like that, the person should be removed immediately. The L can make that decision. There are no formal DQ procedures for auxiliary personnel. We have to listen to coaches to some extent, but we don’t need commentary from people who are supposed to be helping us.

3-      Please don’t neglect the basics. A crew had to re-mark two penalties to make sure they were correct in enforcement. Although they were correct, it just didn’t appear good to have to reset the ball.

4-      Two dead-ball fouls, one on each team were enforced in the order of occurrence with half-the-distance impact. Equal numbers of DBF’s in the same dead-ball interval cancel.

5-      During a running clock, if time expires with a foul at the end of 1Q or 3Q, do not play an untimed down. Enforce the penalty and start the next quarter with the replayed down.

6-      At the end of a game if the play clock will run out and a snap is not necessary, the referee can hold the ball up and end the game if the offense indicates. A brief delay to ensure the defense is not going to call a time out would be prudent.

7-      On a free kick, once the ball crosses the 50 (goes 10 yards), there cannot be first touching (2-10-1, 6-1-7). If K is the first touch an inflight FK anywhere, it is KCI (6-5-6a). A penalty cannot be enforced from an FT spot unless it is also the dead-ball spot.



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