Week 5 – 2019

1-      Game reports are for facts only. They are official records and can be forwarded to schools. Please write your report as if it were going to appear in the Denver Post the next morning. Opinions are okay; we do want to hear your thoughts – that’s one of the ways we can make things better. Please don’t use the game report to do that though. You may send your thoughts to anyone you want to on a separate email: your Area Director, the CFOA President, the CHSAA staff, me, etc. If you want a reply, you will get one. For those who are curious, this item was spurred by a well-meaning referee who offered his thoughts on a team’s play calling.

2-      A team ended up kicking off twice because the referee signaled the choices to start the game incorrectly. The mistake was caught by the offended coach to start 2H but the referee refused to correct his error unless the other coach agreed (which he did not). The umpire hears the choices and needs to make sure the referee signals properly. All officials must record the choices on their game card.

3-      A BJ gave a sideline warning to the visitors because their fans were yelling for players to hurt opponents. The coach cannot police the stands, but game administration can. After hearing the BJ’s justification, the referee signaled the warning.

4-      At least two games had bands play too long and thankfully no flags were thrown. While technically a delay violation, the band works hard and is just as important to the school as the football players. Please be understanding.

5-      A team had the holder on a kick-try throw a forward pass and the referee whistled it dead because the holder did not lift his knee before passing the ball. The coach argued the holder had lifted his knee. Regardless of whether or not the holder actually lifted his knee, this play was called correctly. When a team runs a trick play, the burden is on them to demonstrate the play is legal. So unless he lifted his knee high enough so everyone could see he had done so, it is correct to kill it.

6-      A referee heard a player collision to his left rear and saw a player on the ground with an opponent nearby. The coach wanted a foul called. If the hit was not observed, we cannot call a foul.

7-      After a change of possession, a team huddled near the numbers. An opponent went to his defensive position which happened to be inside the huddle. No foul should be called. The player should be asked to leave the huddle. It was alleged the player was shoved to get out of the huddle. Again, if the act was not observed, it cannot be flagged.



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A Big Thank You!

A big DFOA thank you goes out to Sean Burrow for coordinating and teaching an NCAA introductory rules class to more than 30 DFOA members. 

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