Week 4 – 2019

1-      Pre-game warmups are a topic which best left to the site manager. Teams should be allowed at least 45 minutes to warm up. The 50-yard line separation seems to work well for almost all teams. Most coaches are capable of working out any deviations.

2-      If there is a double change of possession during a non-kick down and the play results in a first down for Team A inbounds, it is treated the same as any other inbounds first down for Team A. There is a 40 second play clock.  If the BJ is keeping the play clock, he will immediately start the play clock when Team A recovers.  If the game clock is kept in the press box, the play clock operator will probably not properly start the play clock.  So, the Referee should blow an RFP with a 25-second play clock.

3-      If a play clock in one end zone is not working and the other is, they both need to be shut down (after a check for a loose cable). We had a crew decide to use a BJ signal in one direction and not the other. That’s an invitation for confusion.

4-      We had a coach send an asst coach to the pregame meeting with the referee. The asst was not prepared to answer the requisite questions. By rule, only the head can verify the legality of equipment. If the head coach does not appear, please request his presence and the verification. If he refuses, it is a 15-yd penalty for failing to comply with an official’s request (9-5-1g).

5-      A coach received two USC for what essentially one incident. A second official joined an ongoing argument and decided to separately flag the coach resulting in an ejection. All flags should be for separate incidents.

6-      The offense must have five players numbered 50-79 on their line of scrimmage.  The only exceptions to this are a scrimmage kick formation.  The officials do not have authority to make exceptions even if the other team agrees.

7-      After a penalty on a TD, the kickoff was from the R-45 and went OOB. The penalty was enforced five yards from the previous spot and R given the ball at the 50.



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