Week 3 – 2019

1-      The main item last week was the prevalent difficulty with ruling on kicks. Unfortunately it happened again this week. An R player illegally batted a punt into his end zone where it was recovered by K. The crew thought it was a touchdown. When any non-scoring kick enters R’s end zone, the ball is dead and it is a touchback. The foul was not flagged. Remember the only way K scores on a kick play is if they recover a fumble.

2-      There are three penalty options for a kick-catching interference foul. The obvious choice is almost always to add the 15 yards to the spot of the foul. That choice was overlooked except by one crew member who didn’t speak up until after the game.

3-      A team lines up all players within five yards of the KO line and has two players raise their arms as if they were the kicker. That is legal.

4-      There have been several comments/questions the past weeks seeking guidance about things not in the RB, but which are covered in the CFOA Mechanics Manual. The MM is actually a guide to officiating and there is lots of stuff in there besides where to stand and what to do on a specific play. It would be worthwhile to spend some meeting time familiarizing everyone with what is in there.

5-      We’ve had three complaints about non-white goal lines. Goal lines do not have to be white.

6-      Some schools have replay video screens. Please remember the priority is dead-ball officiating and not watching the replay.

7-      There have been 30 ejections thus far: 16 varsity and 14 sub varsity. All except three were player ejection (2 varsity asst coaches and 1 JV head coach).



Comments from Scott Lewis:

Regarding #5, it’s worth noting that in the NFHS rulebook, not only are non-white goal lines allowed, the rulebook seems to encourage using non-white goal lines in 1-2-3g NOTE 2.  “It is recommended goal lines and the team box boundaries be marked in a color which contrasts with other field markings and the area between the sidelines and the team box boundaries be solid white or marked with diagonal lines.”

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