Week 10 – 2019

1-      Some school districts may have a cold weather policy. If conditions are such that cold weather may be a factor, the referee should ascertain local guidelines before the game so that game administrator(s), officials, and both sidelines are aware of potential disruptions.

2-      A team had only six players numbered 50-79 and one was injured and evacuated (with his jersey) by ambulance. The fifth player received a minor injury while his team was on offense. In such an unusual scenario, please exercise discretion. A short term numbering exception is feasible. A longer term fix would involve a jersey switch. Repeated formation penalties or forfeiture does not make sense here.

3-      A team used #58 as a fullback due to an injury. The referee didn’t flag it, but told the coach it was illegal. A player in the backfield can have any number 1-99 except if he is numbered 50-79 he is not an eligible receiver. So as long as he doesn’t go downfield on a play where a forward pass crosses the NZ, there is no foul. The reference is 7-2-5; because that rule does not restrict the numbering of backs, any number is legal.

4-      It was discovered at half time that the BJ was starting the play clock when the ball was placed ready for play rather than the end of the previous play. That should be part of the pregame when working with a new BJ.

5-      After an interception or fumble recovery by the defense, if there is a defensive penalty, the clock starts on the snap unless there is another reason for starting it on the snap e.g., player or ball OOB.



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