Week 1 – 2019

1-      We had two instances where the crew failed to extend the period and play an untimed down. In one case, The NFL rule on period extensions was applied.

2-      A USC foul was declined by the referee because there was also a live-ball foul by the same team during the play. There is no such rule.

3-      The rule regarding the 50-79 numbering of five linemen cannot be waived by mutual consent of the coaches.

4-      If a team is late to a game because of traffic, bus trouble, etc., please allow them the full time they need to warm up.

5-      I think this is the second or third year of succeeding spot enforcement and the following play is still perplexing to some.

Following Team K’s kickoff from the K-40, K21 is the first to touch the ball at the K-46, causing it to roll out of bounds untouched by Team R at the K-49. RULING: Team K is guilty of first touching and a foul for a free kick out of bounds. Team R has the following options: (1) decline the penalty and take the ball at the K-46 which is the spot of the first touching; (2) accept the five-yard penalty and have it enforced from the succeeding spot (the K-49) which would put the ball at the K-44; (3) accept a five-yard penalty from the previous spot and have Team K re-kick; (4) put the ball in play at the near inbounds spot 25 yards beyond the previous spot (the R-35); or (5) take the result of the play and get the ball at the K-49. The best choice is succeeding spot enforcement

So yes, the five yards for the kick OOB can be added to the spot where the ball went OOB, but it cannot be added to the R-35 unless that is where the ball went OOB.



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