Upcoming Area Director Election

For the 2021 Area Director election cycle there will be one opening to replace outgoing AD John Juranek. Members that are interested in this position should navigate to the ‘About’ menu item on this main page.

Under Area Directors is the path to the AD application and a listing of responsibilities. The election will begin October 1, 2021 and run through October 15, 2021. We will be using the September 29 area meeting for candidate introductions and speeches


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Football Field

Week 7 – 2019

1-    We have seen some very inappropriate flags for blind side blocks. It is not necessarily a foul if an opponent does not see the

Football Field

Week 4 – 2019

1-      Pre-game warmups are a topic which best left to the site manager. Teams should be allowed at least 45 minutes to warm up. The

February Uniform Drive

FEBRUARY UNIFORM DONATION DRIVE A SUCCESS – THANK YOU!!!!  Despite the cold and snowy February weather, we collected dozens of uniform pants, shirts and shorts,

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