Season Update: June 23, 2020

We want to keep our promise of biweekly updates on the 2020 season.  Here’s a few things you should be aware of…
The situation around 2020 high school football is “fluid” to say the least.  Available information changes frequently and comes from a variety of sources. We are trying to keep you as updated as reasonably possible with relevant data while avoiding some of the “noise”.  We can assure you the individuals and entities involved in making decisions about high school football all acknowledge the safety of officials as a part of the planning process.
As we have said before, please stay flexible now and into the football season. There will be unusual situations which will arise like last minute game cancelations, change of venue, change of teams, etc.  This will be part of the new COVID-19 dynamic and ask that you be prepared for the unexpected.  We understand everyone likes to plan out their season and know their schedules well in advance but that may not be possible in 2020.  Be patient, be flexible…we’re all working to making HS football a reality in 2020.
If you have not been in the habit of communicating with schools and fellow officials prior to games at ALL levels, this will be the year to start.  The “R” in any contest is responsible for contacting the school and the crew.  The Referee should be contacting the crew early and often about the status of a varsity or sub-varsity game.  If you are NOT the “R”, please refrain from contacting the schools directly as it may become overwhelming for them with all officials calling.  If you sign up as a sub-varsity “R”, communicating with everyone is your primary responsibility. Know how and where to find contact information for schools and officials in Arbiter. Build communication into your weekly game planning process to verify the game time and location with the home school and other officials.  If there is a discrepancy of any kind, please contact the assigner as soon as possible.
On June 9, CHSAA disbanded the Resocialization Task Force, announcing that instead CHSAA staff will determine the public health and safety guidelines under which each sport can proceed with practices and game play. At this time, we understand that this information will be sent to state officials, such as the Governor’s office, Health Department, and State Board of Education, and will be considered with guidelines for all other aspects of high school education including bus transportation, classroom setup, lunch, etc. In addition, school districts are working with county health departments to plan for students to return to school in Fall 2020. On June 19, CHSAA announced that the guidelines in the Governor’s proposed Protect Our Neighbors Executive Order give CHSAA more flexibility to construct guidelines to resume all fall high school sports. That announcement is here: We expect safety guidelines for Colorado high school football to be issued within the next few weeks.
Other states are also beginning to issue guidelines for Fall sports. On June 22, Washington state issued its high school football guidelines including for officials. Those guidelines can be found here:  It’s reasonable to expect similar modifications in play for Colorado.
No decisions have been made on mandatory or optional equipment for officials. In addition to a mask and electronic whistle, there are two additional products to consider if you are interested:
1. Wish Advanced Hand Sanitizer 1.8 oz with key clip Assorted Scents (4 Pack) – Available on – $14.99 for a 4-pack. Individual small plastic bottles of hand sanitizer with a carabiner clip to attach to belt and wear during a game.
2.  YHT Workout Gloves, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip, Gloves for Training, Fitness, Exercise (Men & Women) – Available on – $14.99. Lightweight, breathable black fitness workout glove with grip surface on palm and fingers.
Remember, there is NO REQUIREMENT to purchase these items at the moment and DFOA will not be able to reimburse or provide these items for you.  However, be prepared in advance if some kind of mandatory PPE is required in the coming weeks, it may be difficult to find last minute.
The CHSAA Legislative Council recently approved a 2% game fee increase annually for each of the next 10 years starting in 2020. With the additional metro area mileage reimbursement, Denver area football game fees for the next three years are:
2020 – Varsity – $68.22/$130.44 for a doubleheader; Sub-varsity – $53.94/$101.88 for a doubleheader
2021 – Varsity – $69.46/$132.92 for a doubleheader; Sub-varsity – $54.90/$103.80 for a doubleheader 
2022 – Varsity – $74.73/$139.46 for a doubleheader; Sub-varsity $59.88/$109.76 for a doubleheader.
There will be two optional preseason Rules classes open to any DFOA official on July 29 and August 5, 6-8:30 PM. The new officials will be attending these classes. These are not Area Meetings. One meeting credit will be available for attending either or both classes only if you are a Pool official or you cannot attend your crew rules study session. You cannot get a meeting credit for both a preseason Rules class and crew rules study session. On July 29, Scott Lewis and Brian Catalfamo will be presenting on Rules 2, 6 and 8. On August 5, Mike Kelley and Dan Gilman will be presenting on Rules 7 and 9.
These books will be distributed to Crew Chiefs by mail as soon as reasonably possible.  DFOA was supposed to receive its allocation of books today but our order was only partially available.  We will wait until we have all the books to begin distribution…hopefully late this week or early next.  If you are a pool official (not assigned to a crew) we will get your books to you.  For those on a crew, please make arrangements with your Referee to get your 2020 guides.
As usual in the summer, our membership increases with new and transfer officials joining DFOA.  Please welcome these new(N) and transfer(T) officials to our association:
Beavers, Tim (N)
Beck, Rob (T)
Brooks, Barry (T)
Cianella, Matthew (N)
Cosolo, Anthony (N)
Gunter, Brandon (T)
Halverson, Michael (N)
McLean, Connor (T)
Palermino, John (N)
Sotello, Pat (T)
Weaver, Austin (T)
The Area Directors are pleased to see the commitment of CHSAA, schools and state leaders to having high school football, but we are even more proud of your dedication. Your passion to officiate high school football has never been more tested or valued.
Please let an Area Director know of any questions or concerns.
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