Season Update: July 8th, 2020

Here’s your update for early July…..


The annual golf tournament is right around the corner.  The $25 early bird discount will expire on July 15th.  For this year, we have partnered up with the baseball umpires association (CHSBUA) to host a joint event and benefit both organizations.  The golf tournament is a key fundraiser for us and since we waived DFOA dues for a second year, it’s important that you support this event either as a player, sponsor or volunteer.  Registration for the tournament is at our joint website: 


As more and more goes virtual, it’s important that you keep your contact info current in Arbiter.  We rely on that data to send you electronic communications, mail books or contact you by text / phone if necessary.  It’s YOUR responsibility to make sure what is in there is accurate.  If an e-mail bounces back, the Area Directors simply don’t have the resources to chase down individual officials to make sure they are getting the necessary updates.  If you have moved, changed phone numbers or whatever the circumstance, please update your Arbiter account ASAP.
CHSAA has submitted its safety and implementation plans for all sports, including football, to the Governor’s office, the Board of Education and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. They are in the discussion/revision phase. CHSAA will not release details until the plans are finalized and approved, likely in mid-to-late July. The plans will contain information on any mandatory or optional equipment and procedures for officials. CHSAA Commissioner Blanford-Green has requested specific exceptions for high school sports venues to permit larger team rosters at games than the current health department orders allow, and for cheer/dance teams and bands to be present at games. CHSAA has been modeling different scenarios to allow high school sports to proceed and has many contingency plans depending on what happens both between now and the start of school as well as when school is in session. FLEXIBILITY remains the key word. PATIENCE is a close second.
As districts and schools formulate return to school plans and policies, there will likely be some districts and/or schools which decide to not play high school football this year or limit the number of teams. In addition, varying restrictions in local health orders may mean that schools in some areas can play football while schools in neighboring counties cannot play football.
We anticipate that CHSAA/CFOA will send out a survey after the plans are finalized and announced that will simply ask each official whether they intend to officiate this season. That will be the final “Go/No Go”” decision point for each official. However, if you decide earlier not to officiate this season, please let the Area Directors know ASAP for planning purposes. No one will be penalized in any way for opting out of working high school football this season.
At this time, indoor Area Meetings cannot be held at Englewood HS. Most likely, all schools will have the same policy of no facility use by outside groups. The field clinic meeting on Aug 25 will still be on the field at Englewood HS. The Area Directors are exploring other options including an alternate location or locations and holding the indoor meetings via video conference. If you are aware of a facility that may work, please let us know.
For 2020 only, the CFOA Board of Directors voted to suspend the membership requirement to attend five (5) Area Meetings to remain a member in good standing. Attendance will still be taken at Area Meetings, whether in person or virtual, and attendance at five (5) Area Meetings is still required to be playoff game eligible.
We are still intending on having New Officials classes in person at a location other than Englewood HS.
The test window will open on schedule on July 15 in Arbiter. You will need to “Switch Views” to the “CHSAA CENTRAL HUB” account and click on the Testing tab. All officials will take the Mechanics Test. New officials will take the New Officials Test. Veteran officials need to pass only one of two tests:
1. Veteran Rules Test – 80 question true/false. 85% required to pass. 3 attempts permitted.
2. Playoff Test – 50 questions – 4 on new rules, 20 true/false, 15 easier multiple choice, 11 more difficult multiple choice. 85% required to pass.
Only 2 attempts permitted. 
To be eligible to work a playoff game, you must pass the Playoff Test. If you take the Playoff Test and do no pass in two attempts, you may take the Veteran Rules Test up to three times and, if you pass, you can work regular season varsity games, but no playoff games.
The Master Clinic will be virtual this year. There will not be a Master Clinic in person on July 25. We anticipate that the Master Clinic will be available for viewing over several weeks before the season begins. Every official will be required to watch the Master Clinic and that will be tracked.
At the CFOA summer meeting, the experimental Umpire Punt Mechanic was rejected. The Umpire will again always be in the defensive backfield on punts. We will have a presentation at an Umpire breakout session on positioning and movement during punts so that all Umpires can safely officiate these plays.
Per CHSAA, there are no statewide prohibtions on demonstrations by players, coaches or team personnel that do not interfere with the anthem or game. Districts or schools are responsible for their own policies. This is not an issue for officials to monitor or enforce. Routine demonstrations may include kneeling or raising a fist. If something unusual or concerning happens, please put it in the Game Report.
Uniform requirements remain unchanged. Adornments that violate rules need to be removed prior to participation. Players taunting or insulting opponents based on personal beliefs or any other matter are committing Unsportsmanlike Conduct. These are areas for officials to monitor and enforce.
Demonstrations by officials are subject to the discretion of each official/crew. Please bear in mind our role as neutral arbiters of the game and that our behavior is always subject to misperception by players, coaches and fans. We should also continue to strive NOT to be the center of attention at the games we officiate. For the National Anthem, officials may choose to assemble at midfield or at another location on the field, be in small groups on the sidelines, or at their kickoff positions.
As always, please let us know of your questions and suggestions. Without face to face meetings, it is difficult to gauge member reaction or concerns. Please keep us informed so we can work to benefit you! Thanks for being a member of DFOA and for your commitment to Colorado high school football!
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