Preparation for Spring Football

Be Prepared for Spring Football
The Spring 2021 High School football season starts March 18. Middle school games will be available starting March 4. Please be prepared before the season starts and flexible during the season:

Weather: You will almost certainly need a long-sleeve officials shirt. A black sweatshirt under a short-sleeve officials shirt is unacceptable. You may need gloves, ear muffs and warm undergarments. Your shoes and socks will almost certainly get wet. Review the Lightning Policy in the NFHS Football Rules book. At sub-varsity game sites, it may take several minutes to clear the field and get the teams to shelter – act when you first see lightning or hear thunder for everyone’s safety! If significant snowfall occurs or is forecast, the Referee should contact the home school to confirm the game is being played as scheduled.

COVID restrictions: As in Fall, the Referee should contact the home school well in advance of the game date to confirm date, time, location and any COVID restrictions for the officials. Contact all crew members to confirm the same. Close to the game date, contact the home school again to confirm the game is being played as scheduled. Reconfirm with all crew members. Be flexible and prepared that officials’ access to facilities may be restricted or non-existent. Bring your own water bottle to games. Be prepared to come dressed to game sites. Officials will be required to wear masks at all times from leaving their car at the game site until kickoff, again at half-time, and then immediately following the game until back in the car. The only time a mask will not be required is during live game play. Plan on receiving a temperature check and not being permitted to enter the facility until a time certain.

Illness: If you have ANY symptoms of illness, please do NOT officiate a football game. Notify the Area Directors and Assignors immediately at and call the Assignor to verify the message was received.

COVID Rule Change Reminders: One coin toss will again be done each Thursday at Noon at the CHSAA offices to determine which team wins the toss for all football games played through the following Wednesday. Only an OT coin toss may occur at a game site and with only one Captain from each team. Team boxes will be between the 10-yard lines to permit players to maintain distance. How far back from the sideline you can keep teams depends on the stadium, teams and officials. If there is space, utilize it! All team conferences must be outside the 9-yard marks/numbers. Do not let a coach meet with players inside the hash marks.

Fall 2020 NFHS Rules Apply: Changes made to NFHS Football Rules for 2021 do NOT apply in Spring 2021. They will take effect when the 2021 Rules books come out for Fall 2021.

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