Post Season Eligibility

Post Season Requirements

This is the time of year we all look forward to!  The hard work by the student athletes, coaches and schools during the regular season all comes down to this…post-season, championship level of play.  To officiate this level of game, there are basic eligibility requirements for officials outlined below.  Meeting these requirements does not guarantee you a playoff assignment but it does make you eligible to work these games.  The requirements can vary slightly from year to year (i.e game at position requirements) and we will update this page as new qualifications are posted.  Please contact one of the Area Directors if you have any questions about your specific eligibility.

  • Registered official with CHSAA by March 1st of the current membership year.
  • Must have current background check on file with CHSAA.
  • Registered official with CFOA and at least five years of high school varsity experience.  Officials in their fifth year are eligible.
  • Certified official with DFOA.
  • Comply with the requirements established by the CFOA Constitution and policies established by the CFOA Board of Directors.
  • Have attended a Colorado Master Clinic once during the current season or previous season.  Optionally, the Master Clinic may be viewed online for the current season provided you attended in person the previous year.
  • Agree to utilize the mechanics in the CFOA Officials Mechanics Manual.
  • Pass the physical standards test established by the CFOA.
  • Have worked at least three sub-varsity assignments during the current season.
  • Have attained at least five (5) DFOA local area meeting credits for the current season.
  • Maintain a physically fit appearance suitable for officiating the game of football.
  • Have worked at least 7 varsity games at your playoff position during the current season.
  • TESTING: Must have passed a total of two exams, without collaboration and achieve a passing score.  The CFOA Mechanics Test and the CFOA Playoff Exam.

How are playoff officials selected?

DFOA members need to meet the playoff eligibility requirements as stated above.  Officials that are eligible to work playoffs will submitted by the Area Directors to CFOA for playoff selection.  For example, in the 2019 season, nearly 70 officials from DFOA were submitted to the CFOA as candidates for week 1 assignments.  The Denver area received 49 assignments for playoff games throughout the state.  Not all 70 officials nominated were used.

How are the number of available playoff spots for Denver officials determined?

The state is divided up into 16 different officiating areas.  CFOA examines the total number of varsity eligible officials from each area of the state. Using a mathematical formula, the CFOA will divide up playoff assignments equitably throughout the state based on how many varsity eligible officials each area has registered as of March 1st for that year.  This way each of the 16 associations will get their fair share of playoff assignments based on their population of officials.

What if I didn’t get a week one assignment, does that mean I will not get a playoff game?

Not necessarily. Nearly 70 officials from DFOA were eligible to work the playoffs in 2019. Not everyone could be chosen to work in week 1 based on the number of slots assigned to the Denver area officials. Some officials that did not work in week 1 will most likely see an assignment in week 2. Again, in week 2, the DFOA Area Directors will submit a list of eligible officials to the CFOA who will then make the actual playoff assignments. (This is the process for the earlier rounds. Those selected to work semi-final and championship games were based on game evaluations done by evaluators chosen by the CFOA & CHSAA throughout the season. Note that these evaluations are different than the game evaluations done periodically by DFOA member officials.)

What if I was eligible, but never received an assignment?

We encourage you to work hard in the off-season. All officials, rookies or long-time veterans, should self-evaluate and look for areas they can improve as an official. Some suggestions would be:

– Attend off-season rule study sessions
– Attend an off-season CFOA officials camp
– Work additional scrimmages to get more snaps in
– Work additional sub-varsity games to get more snaps in and aid in covering these games to avoid cancellations
– Attend as many area meetings as possible

Don’t settle for the minimum in these areas.  When we have many eligible officials, not everyone will receive an assignment unfortunately.  Appreciate when one is received and always look for ways to keep getting better.

How are semi-final and championship officials selected?

Those chosen to work semi-final and championship games were selected based upon evaluations done by independent members of CFOA and CHSAA throughout the season.  The DFOA Area Directors have no input in the semi-final and championship game selection process.

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