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Classes start mid-July

The Denver Football Officials Association is training new officials to take the field with us this fall.  Sign up for classes today and GET IN THE GAME!

What is it like to be
a football official?

What is it like being an official and part of “Friday Night Lights”?  Well, it’s a different experience for everyone… High school football is an exciting atmosphere and “addicting” from your first time on the field.  Our sister association at IEFOA in the Pacific Northwest put together an excellent seven minute video to show you what Friday night football is all about.  While this video was not made in Colorado, the experience is very similar.  This gives you a behind the scenes look at HS football officiating.

What new officials have to say...

"The most beneficial aspects of the DFOA class were the thorough discussion of the rules and interacting with prominent members of the association. I also enjoyed the last day of the course when we got out on the field, learned some of the mechanics and put them into practice during some simulated plays. Overall, I felt well-prepared to step out onto the field for a real game…the other officials have been very supportive and helpful throughout my first season.”
Jon Armstrong
Jon Armstrong
2018 New Official

New Officials FAQ

The new officials class is $115 upon registration.  This covers the cost of books, insurance and state (CFOA) associated fees.  You will need to purchase a uniform at the end of class and that investment varies depending on how much you buy.  However, the 2019 uniform starter kit, everything you needed to be on the field, was sold for $130.  There are options to receive uniform supplies from retired members so that could potentially decrease your initial investment.  If you budget for $250, that would be more than enough to get you started in officiating.

Game fees are set by the CHSAA legislative council.  In 2019, sub-varsity games were paid at $47.00 per game, per official.  Varsity contests were paid at $61.00 per game, per official.  We are expecting an increase of $5.00 per game in 2020, however, that will not be finalized until the summer of 2020.

As a new official, your games will be sub-varsity unless there is an extraordinary circumstance where you are needed in a varsity contest.  You can set your own schedule and work as much as your schedule permits.  Therefore, income potential is up to you.

Games can be worked anywhere in Area 1.  You can pick your sub-varsity schedule and work games close to your home or work.  Area 1 covers the Denver metro area from Castlerock in the south, Limon to the east, Broomfield in the north and Middle Park in the west.

Classes are usually two nights a week, from 6:30-8:30 at Englewood High School.  Classes run for four weeks, totaling 8 class sessions.  You will have traditional classroom learning and on field training with a mentor.  When class dates are set, they will be posted here on the website.

Yes, after the class is completed you will be required to take an online, open-book exam to become certified.  The test is written by the NFHS and is 100 questions long.  The DFOA class will adequately prepare you to complete and pass the exam.

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