NCAA / Women’s League Rules Class

The DFOA has been asked to provide officials for women’s semi-pro football which operates under NCAA rules.  The Mile High Blaze is part of the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) and has four home games here in Denver.  We encourage you to check out their website linked below.  The Women’s League National Championship is in Colorado this year at the Colorado School Of Mines in Boulder during mid-July.  Officials that work during the regular season can be selected to work this national championship which will be televised on ESPN.  These ladies are serious about football!

While DFOA has helped with this league in the past, this year they are stepping it up a notch.  Anyone that wishes to work these games MUST a) Pass their 60 question NCAA level exam or b) be a current DI or DII NCAA official.

Many of you in DFOA have asked for a way to learn NCAA rules and mechanics in order to move up to the next level in your officiating career…’s your opportunity to learn the next level of football.  This league starts in the next few weeks and we have quickly organized a class to be taught by current DI NCAA officials.  It will be a quick class and introductory level, but crucial to helping you pass the exam.  To sign up for the class, please enter your information in the box below.  The class and the exam are REQUIRED if you are not a current NCAA official.

You may sign up to work these games now, before the class, but if you don’t show for the class, or don’t pass the exam your name will be removed.  

7 officials, $80 per official, $40 for clock operator, cash paid at game

Please remember:

  • Respect these game assignments.  If you sign up for a slot you are expected to be there.  Please find your own CERTIFIED replacement if you are unable to make it.  The teams are “fined” for a no show official.  If you don’t show up, don’t expect to work any of these games in the future.
  • Use common sense when signing up for a position.  If you have never worked an NCAA level game, DON’T register to be the Referee.  If you have never worked SJ or FJ positions, please study the mechanics.
  • These are good games to learn NCAA rules and mechanics but you are expected to know what you are doing.  The games mean a lot to the ladies that are playing.
  • Finally, Chris Miller reserves the right to move people to different positions to balance crew experience levels.
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