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Area Meeting #2 Mar 6 at 10 AM (On Field)
Area meeting #2 will be next Saturday March 6 from 10 am to 12 pm in the stadium at Englewood HS. New Spring 2021 officials meet in the East end zone. All other officials meet in either of the two groups near the west end zone. The focus for veteran officials will be on 7-official mechanics.

Spring 2021 Crew Roster
Here is a link to the Spring 2021 Crew Roster:
Changes are a result of opt-in/opt-out status changes and the return of three crew chiefs and partial reconstitution of some regular crews.


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Thank you

A Big Thank You!

A big DFOA thank you goes out to Sean Burrow for coordinating and teaching an NCAA introductory rules class to more than 30 DFOA members. 

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