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We had 19 officials opt-out of the Fall 2020 high school football season for a variety of reasons, including four crew chiefs. For assigning purposes, this forced us to reduce the number of crews from 22 to 19, and to reassign the remaining crew members on three of the crews. Below is a chart showing the 19 crews. If you are varsity eligible and not on one of these crews, there will still be many opportunities to fill-in throughout the season. Flexibility is still key as there may still be changes as officials opt-out or opt back in.

COVID Notifications – If you feel ill, test positive for COVID, or are notified that you were exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID, DO NOT OFFICIATE ANY GAMESPlease notify the Area Directors and Assignors ASAP by sending an email to: That email will automatically go to the ADs and Assignors. We have verified with CHSAA that no official or crew will be penalized for following these procedures even if it results in a game being postponed or cancelled. If the ADs are notified that a player or team personnel tests positive following a game, they will notify the officials who officiated that game ASAP. You are encouraged to consult public health department guidelines or your doctor to determine whether you should be tested and/or self-isolate, and when you are cleared to restart officiating.
No Observation, Penalty Charting or Family Members – Because of crowd limitations, sideline rules, and to minimize risk, only the officials working a game may be at the game site.
Masks and Whistles – Masks will be required until the game starts, at half-time, and immediately following the game. Masks will be required during timeouts when an official is within 6 feet of any coach, player or other official. While masks will not be required during live game action, officials cannot blow a mouth whistle unless it is covered by a mask or whistle cover. Whistle covers can be purchased from officiating supply stores or here are simple steps to make your own:
Take a teabag, unfold it, slide the whistle in, duct tape the forward edge, cut the rear edge, and re-hook the lanyard (see photos below).

Electronic Whistle Mechanics – Electronic whistles are approved. Experience has shown that an electronic whistle may have lower volume at first and increase in volume with use over several games. It may be necessary to echo an electronic whistle if there is action away from the covering official. This should be done only as necessary.
Ball Mechanics – While there are no official changes to CFOA ball mechanics, there are simple steps that the officiating crew can take to reduce ball handling during the game:
1. Instead of “asking” for the ball when the play is dead, the Referee, Wings and BJ can proactively instruct the ball carrier to carry the ball to the dead ball inbounds spot, pointing to the Umpire.
2. After a change of possession, the ball carrier can be instructed to take the ball to their sideline and the new offense can be instructed to carry the ball to the Umpire.
3. The Kicker can be responsible for bringing out their ball for a free kick.
These steps will not appreciably slow down the game and will become habit for both officials and players, if utilized. They can be used at all levels. It is recommended that you inform the coaches and the ball carriers during pregame to set expectations. Do not penalize a player or team for not following these procedures.
Gloves and Hand Sanitizer – Gloves may be worn. Hand sanitizer can be in a bottle attached to the belt. One good option pictured below is to use a utility holster on the belt with a spray bottle of hand sanitizer. Be sure the bottle fits the holster pouch.

For administrative purposes, the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 football seasons are being considered as one season. The Mechanics and Rules tests only need to be passed one time. Any official who attends a meeting in either the Fall or Spring will get a meeting credit, even if they opt-out from on-field work. Whether Area meetings are virtual or on field, participation will be tracked and recorded on the DFOA website Roster form.

With the exception of the meeting on Oct 7th, all other area meetings will be hosted via WebEx.  We will send out the meeting details and link in addition to posting on the DFOA website.  Because more than 160 officials will be invited to this meeting, you will be automatically muted upon entry and can only be unmuted by an AD during the call.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions during these meetings but we have to limit who can speak and when to keep it orderly.  Lastly, please keep in mind that the AD’s cannot offer ‘tech support’ for these virtual sessions.  Online meetings are the norm now and we assume everyone knows how to participate in a virtual meeting of some type since COVID started.

We have two nominees for two open AD positions.  Don Bates and Jeff Penney are the two candidates.  Our bylaws require us to have an official vote, therefore, electronic ballots will be going out this week.
We have 29 new officials for Fall 2020 and need more mentors. If you are a 4-10 year official, please consider being a mentor since the focus is on fundamentals and helping new officials learn our processes. The time requirements are minimal and it is a highly rewarding way to give back to the Association. Contact John Conklin to obtain more information or sign up at

Be well,

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