The DFOA makes every attempt to run the organization as transparently as possible and employ ‘best practices’ for overall operations.  The Area Directors provide information in a public forum, during area meetings, and online for the benefit of our members.  Additionally, as a 501(c)(3) entity, our records are made available for review by the general public.

Articles of Incorporation
Original – Filed Feb 2016
Amended – Filed Mar 2019


Policy and Procedures

DFOA PP Manual


Organization Bylaws


Federal Documents

IRS Determination Letter

IRS 501(c)(3) Approval Letter

2019 990-N Filing


State of Colorado

2020 Colorado SOS Periodic Report

2020 Colorado SOS Certificate of Good Standing

2020 CO Sales Tax License

2020 CO Sales Tax Exemption


City of Aurora

2019-2021 CO & Aurora Sales Tax & Business Licenses


Financial Reports

2019 Reports

EOY Balance Sheet
EOY Profit & Loss

2020 Reports
Q1 FY20 Balance Sheet
Q1 FY20 Profit & Loss

Q2 FY20 Balance Sheet
Q2 FY20 Profit and Loss

2021 Reports

EOY Balance Sheet

EOY Profit & Loss

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