FAQ on 2020-21 Football Season

FAQ on season updates….


As soon as we sent the cancelation notice yesterday, a slew of questions came in to all the AD’s. We are doing our very best to keep the membership informed about football in Colorado.  As we have been telling you all summer, this will be a ‘unique’ year and flexibility is paramount.  We’re in uncharted territory with the pandemic and its impact on all sports, at all levels.  We don’t have answers for everything at the moment, but here’s a FAQ that we have put together to address the most common questions that have come in during the last 24 hours (in no particular order).

Why did I get a text message from DFOA yesterday?  Am I going to get duplicate notices via e-mail and text now?
Yes and No.  It was only a few hours between the CHSAA press release and our scheduled area meeting.  Approximately 25% of our membership does not receive or open e-mails for a variety of reasons.  The text message was the quickest way to notify everyone of the cancelation and we didn’t want to strand people at Englewood HS.  We will only being using the text messaging service for urgent notifications, it will not be used for non-urgent communications.  You are free to ‘opt out’ at any time by replying with ‘STOP’ on your phone.
I registered for the Golf Tournament, is that still happening?
Yes, and we expect a record turnout to support DFOA and CHSBUA.  The course is limiting players for social distancing and we will max out 120 participants – that leaves about 24 spots to fill.  We also need volunteers to help on the day of the event. If you are available to assist, please contact Jeff Penney or John Juranek. Registration will remain open through Saturday, August 15th or until we have reached 120 players.
I am a new official, are those classes canceled?
No, we are still hosting the new officials’ classes and will continue as planned.
Will there be a season for sure in March?
Right now, there are no absolutes with anything.  CHSAA is committed to having the Class of 2021 play football but it is dependent on the status of COVID-19 in Colorado and health department regulations at that time.  Everyone is optimistic but a season cannot be guaranteed.
What about the rules and mechanics testing?
All of the 2020 exams will remain open in Arbiter through mid-February.  An exact date has not been determined at this time but at least till February.  You are encouraged to study and take the exams between now and then.  Remember, you MUST pass either the playoff exam or the veteran rules exam to remain varsity eligible.  If you fail the playoff exam after two attempts, you must pass the veteran rules exam to take the field in March.
Will the Spring games be played under new 2021 rules?
No, the 2020 rules will remain in effect for any games played through May 31st, 2021.
When will Area Meetings resume?
Approximately four weeks before the anticipated start of the season.  With the first games being slotted for March 4th, we will probably have our first meeting in early February 2021.  We will do our very best to schedule area meetings so the most people can attend and knowing that weather and conflicts with other sports may be a factor in the Spring.
Will new Area Directors be elected this year?
Yes.  CFOA is asking the current Area Directors to extend their terms through May 31st of 2021 so Joel and Jeff will remain as part of the leadership team through that time frame.  However, to keep the continuity of office for DFOA, we will elect new AD’s in the fall as planned and they will train and assist through the Spring season and assume the AD position on June 1, 2021.
I officiate other sports, like baseball.  Will the proposed football schedule overlap with baseball?
At this time, no.  CHSAA has an A,B,C & D season schedule.  Assuming things go as planned, basketball, baseball and football will occur in different seasons so you should be able to work any of those sports if you want to.
Will crews remain the same in the Spring?
Yes, to the best of our ability.  Some folks have already notified us that they will not be in Colorado for the Spring.  We have no plans to change crews but that also depends on how many officials we have available in March.
Will there be a Master Clinic now?
Yes, one is planned for early February.  Exact dates are TBD and the DFOA calendar will be updated accordingly.
Will we be required to register for next year (2021-2022) by December like we usually do?
No. Current CHSAA/CFOA registration is for the 2020-2021 school year so it covers the Spring 2021 Football season. At this time, we anticipate there will be a very short registration window immediately following the Spring 2021 Football season for the Fall 2021 Football season.
What happens if the season gets canceled in March?  Do we get dues refunds?
Refunds are unlikely, however, in other sports that have been cancelled, CHSAA has worked with state leadership to minimize dues expenses for returning officials the following year. Both DFOA and CFOA have fixed costs for insurance, books, Arbiter, HUDL, etc. We have to pay those regardless if we ever get on the field. CFOA has said earlier this year they will carryover registrations to next fall in lieu of doing mass refunds. Exact dollar amounts are TBD.

What about the $25 DFOA dues for 2021?  You had said they will be re-instated for 2021.  Will that happen and when?
We had every intention of implementing the DFOA dues in 2021.  Everything will be dependent on our financial position as an association.  We have waived them the last two seasons but it will TBD on timing and our financial position in 2021.  DFOA has fixed operations costs so we will do our best minimize unnecessary expenses.  We also realize many people are financially impacted by COVID so we will try make the numbers work for the benefits of our members.
Can we still get credits for rules study sessions?
Yes, think of this an extended pre-season.  Anytime between now and February, your Referee may host and submit a request for a meeting credit.  Only one submission per Referee and one-meeting (study session) credit per DFOA member.
Will there be any kind of off-season study program?
We’re working on that now…. We want to keep everyone engaged between now and the Spring of 2021 so we are looking at different options. Again, we will update you ASAP.
Will there be scrimmages in the Spring of 2021?
No. CHSAA has said practices can start on February 22nd and the first potential game date is Thursday, March 4th with no scrimmages or Foundation games and a 7-week season.
Some of the youth leagues / football clubs in Denver are playing this fall, can I work those games?
Remember, you are an ‘independent contractor’ and may do whatever you want.  Keep in mind that your NFHS insurance is only in force for CHSAA sanctioned events.  These games would be outside the jurisdiction of CHSAA, DFOA and CFOA so our policies, requirements and insurance coverage will not apply to these games.
I didn’t understand the note Monica Tillman sent out earlier this week?  Are dues going up $17?
No.  Dues will actually DECREASE by $3 under the new process and payment system.  Don’t be concerned about this for now, we will keep the membership informed when it’s time to register under the new process.
            How will playoff selections be done?
            What about the Gold List nomination process?
            Will there be Gold and Blue games for playoffs?
These are questions we don’t have answer for at the moment.  As soon as we get more information, we will pass it on.


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