DFOA Week 4 Update

Welcome to week 4, some important updates to share with you….
  1. Matt DeJong has stepped down as an Area Director, effective immediately, and will not be able to work the remainder of the season.  Matt has recently changed careers and it is demanding more time than he originally anticipated.  Matt felt it was best for his family and the association if he took some time off from football.  We appreciate Matt’s loyal service to DFOA and wish him well.  Matt requested this note be passed on to the membership.

To the members of the DFOA,

First, I want to say it’s been an honor to represent the members of this great association these past approximately 18 months as an Area Director.  I appreciate all of the work of those I’ve worked with in this role as well.  We have tried to represent the strong majority of the membership as we’ve worked with CHSAA, CFOA, and Assignors.

At this time, due to personal reasons related to my career change, I have had to make the decision to step away from officiating at this time.  My hope is that I’ll be back to officiating sooner than later but at this time I need to focus my priorities on my family.  I’ve enjoyed working with each of you and hope to again in the near future.  Don’t be surprised if I come say hello if I see you working any games I’m attending.

Thanks everyone.  Have a great rest of the 2019 season.


Matt DeJong

  1. Uncertified Officials – We have received comments / complaints about “uncertified”, or non-DFOA members, working CHSAA games and the quality of their officiating.  The Area Directors are aware of the issue and have notified CFOA / CHSAA about the matter.  In addition, we have reached out to the uncertified officials we know about…asked them to join DFOA and pass the NFHS exam.  Some have taken the opportunity to become DFOA members.  The Area Directors are tracking the number of games worked by non-certified officials and will be addressing with CFOA / CHSAA during the winter board meeting.  For now, we do not have jurisdiction over game assignments and cannot prevent them from taking the field with you.  We completely understand that it can be frustrating to work with officials that don’t meet the minimum standards for rules / mechanics knowledge and will be tackling this issue in the off season.  PLEASE keep the Area Directors informed of any game related issues you experience with a non-DFOA official.
  1. APSS Replay Board – In a recent game report, it was noted that APSS has installed a “replay board”.  During a Friday night varsity contest, the stadium decided to show the replay of a controversial call several times.  The crew cited this as “very unsportsmanlike” as it only showed half the play but made the crew look bad.  The call on the field was correct.  This morning, the Area Directors immediately contacted CFOA / CHSAA and objected to the stadium using this technology as a means to discredit officials on the field.  Within hours, Tom Robinson quickly addressed the matter with the Athletic Director of APSS and asked them NOT to use their replay capability in this manner.  If you have an assignment at APSS, and are uncomfortable in this type of environment, you have the option to decline the assignment at your discretion.  Additionally, if you do work an APSS game and the replay board is used inappropriately, PLEASE make sure the Referee notes it the game report ASAP.  We want DFOA officials to feel valued, respected and safe on the field and CHSAA is supporting us on this one.
  1. Lastly, please make sure you are checking the website weekly.  We are trying to use that as a primary means of communication.  Weekly updates from CFOA, schedules and important announcements will be posted there first.

That’s all for now…have a great week!

Joel, John and Scott

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