DFOA March 2019 Update

We are nearly into April and the 2019 high school football season is fast approaching.  We’re getting this general update out a bit later than planned but that’s because there is a lot going on in the off season….it’s been a busy month!  Although football season is not quite here yet, there are still multiple ways to not only be involved with your association but also to get yourself in football shape for 2019.  Check out everything going on below!

RULES STUDY –  We had our first DFOA off-season rules study on March 19th.  Our next session is TUESDAY, April 2nd at Englewood High School.  All are welcome to attend.  We meet in room 2404 starting at 7:00pm.  Future sessions will be on April 17, April 30, and May 15.  Different material is covered each night.

2019 NUMBERS – March 1st was an important date as our 2019 veteran enrollment was finalized.  We enter 2019 with 176 returning officials.  That is up slightly from last year and our FIRST year without a year-over-year decline.  We retained 85% of our new officials class from last year AND some of the college officials moved their status from ‘inactive’ to ‘active’.  These factors helped to hold our numbers for the year.  We have a DFOA goal to be over 200 members by opening day…PLEASE help us get there!

WEBSITE – The new DFOA website has officially launched in March!  Content will be updated regularly so please utilize this site as the primary tool for information as we progress towards the 2019 season.  Also, regular e-mails will now come from DFOA via Mail Chimp. Make sure your e-mail client is allowing them to your inbox.

GOLF TOURNAMENT – Registration is open for the 2019 DFOA Golf Tournament.  The tourney will be held on Saturday, July 20th with a 7:30am shotgun start.  For those that do not golf, a lunch ticket may be purchased which will also get you in for the silent auction.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available.  For more information on this year’s tournament, please see the attached brochure HERE. Please direct any questions about the tournament to the golf committee at: golf@denverfootballofficials.com.

SPRING GAMES – The DFOA is periodically getting requests to provide officials for different games throughout the spring and summer.  The ADs will send an email to our members when these opportunities arise.  Please take advantage of these as your schedule permits to get extra snaps in prior to the season.  Also, many of them will make contributions to DFOA if our officials work.  This not only benefits you but the Association as well.

NCAA CLASSES – We will be offering an intro to NCAA rules class to support the Women’s Semi-Pro League that has approached us to officiate.  Class date is Tuesday, April 9th, 6:30pm….additional details on the class can be found HERE.

2019 CREWS – We had planned on drafting crews April 6th and publishing shortly thereafter.  However, we’ve had some changes to the proposed crew chief roster that requires some additional time to sort through.  Crew Chiefs will still be meeting on April 6th, but the crew draft will not actually be taking place on that day.  More to come…

NEW OFFICIALS – We have added a few new officials to DFOA since our last update.  Please welcome these new members that will be in class this summer and looking to take the field this fall.  William Albin, David Fried and Rock Weltzheimer.  Welcome aboard! We are still trying to confirm the class dates with our host school.  We will publish as soon as they are firmed up.

CFOA PROPOSALS – We heard you in the annual survey!  Based on your feedback, we are submitting the following proposals to CFOA for consideration at the summer board meeting.  There is NO guarantee these proposals will be accepted because it requires a vote / discussion from 15 other areas in the state, but we are moving forward with your requests for these changes.

  • MECHANICS – You asked to have the “hand out” for the “on the line” mechanic removed.  The Area Directors will be putting a proposal forward to eliminate it for the 2019 season.
  • TESTING – We know officiating is a time commitment.  To give you some time back, the Area Directors are proposing to eliminate the NFHS exam for Varsity Crew Chiefs -AND- officials with more than 10 years of experience.  We can’t eliminate the exam in its entirety but do not believe it provides any added value to those segments of experienced officials.

RADIOS – The policy on radios and their use will not be changing in 2019.  However, DFOA will not be investing in new radios for the upcoming season.  The survey provided us data suggesting that the majority of officials don’t like or don’t use them frequently enough to justify the investment.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE An overwhelming majority approved DFOA issuing a $500 student scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year.  We need a 3 person committee to develop, solicit and screen applications.  If you are interested in being on the scholarship committee, please send a note to areadirectors@denverfootballofficials.com.  We would like this committee to be formed from the membership, and not the Area Directors, to get more people involved with DFOA.

NASO REGISTRATION – The survey indicated a large percentage of people were interested in joining, or moving, their current NASO registration to DFOA.  You can save $32 by joining NASO with DFOA and DFOA will receive organizational benefits as well.  We need at least 25 members to start the program and over 50 you indicated interest.

BATTLEFIELDS2BALLFIELDS – DFOA has teamed up with Mike Pereira’s organization to help recruit those with military experience into officiating. The program allows veterans to receive their first three years of dues for free and a free uniform.  All paid for by the program.  If you know a vet, have them sign up on line and get involved with DFOA!

That’s about it for March.  As always, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.  Happy spring!

-Matt, Joel, John & Scott
DFOA Area Directors

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