The dues for 2020 will be $25, there will be no increase from 2019.  These dues must be paid in order to remain a full, varsity-eligible member of the DFOA and for post-season eligibility. If you are unable to pay your dues because of a financial hardship, please contact an Area Director. If you participated in a fundraiser during the previous year, you may be exempt from dues in the current year.


Such fundraisers would include:

– Participating in the DFOA Golf Tournament
– Donations to the Casino Night or Golf Tournament (valued $25 or higher)
– Volunteering with the concessions stand at a Broncos Game

If you have any questions, please contact an Area Director.

Note: These dues are in addition to the state-wide CFOA/CHSAA dues. Paying the CFOA dues is required of all members, and fundraising activities have no connection to those dues.  Participating in a DFOA fundraiser will not exempt you from CFOA / CHSAA state dues under any circumstance. State dues can be paid through the Arbiter registration process.

Why does DFOA charge annual dues?

There is an expense to running the association.  As a non-profit, our revenue is generated from dues, fundraisers and charitable contributions.  We are asking our members to help support the training events and meetings we offer to offset the costs of hosting them.  Our operating budget includes expenses for meeting space, food, supplies, insurance, video services, etc.  If you participate in a fundraiser as highlighted above, your $25 dues will be waived for the following season.

How do I pay my annual dues?

You will receive an invoice via e-mail that you can pay online.  Online payments are preferred because they are easier to track.  However, you may pay by check or money order as well at an Area Meeting.  Please note that DFOA DOES NOT accept cash payments for dues.

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