DFOA Dues for 2020

Everyone should know that the DFOA has annual membership dues of $25.00.  This goes directly to DFOA to support our members as we do not receive any of the $90 that is paid to CFOA / CHSAA.

With our strong financial position in 2019, the AD’s made the decision to waive the dues, for one year, across the entire organization.  Everyone was working hard to get games covered in 2019 and it was a small token of our appreciation to waive the dues and reward our membership for the hard work last year and fundraising in 2018.

At this time, in 2020, we are facing a global health crisis and it’s not yet clear if we will have a season.  Normally we would have invoiced registered members by now for the $25.00 dues.  However, with the ongoing pandemic, looming economic fallout and no certainty of football, we are going to defer making a decision on dues for 2020 until we are closer to fall.

Candidly speaking, the DFOA has limited income streams so the $25.00 dues are essential to keeping the organization running.  The annual minimum operating cost for DFOA is approximately $5,000/yr…that includes roughly $3,500 in fixed expenses (i.e. insurance and business licenses) and $1,500 in variable costs (i.e. awards, championship dinner).  That assumes we don’t cut any services.  If the COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from hosting the golf tournament or working the Bronco’s concessions this year, the $25.00 dues will become a requirement to support ongoing operations into 2021.  Yes, we can probably “tighten our belt” a bit and eliminate some budget items but there are some costs that cannot be reduced or eliminated.  We will continue to evaluate as we go forward.

Another point is cash flow, having a strong bank balance allows us to host events, like the golf tournament and summer BBQ, without straining the organization financially.  Normally, we have to “spend” the money first to host an event and recoup the investment as people sign up to participate.  In the past, the AD’s have personally put up thousands of dollars in funds, through their own credit cards, to secure these events.  Of course they were reimbursed afterward but we don’t want to put any of our leadership in the position of needing to do that, so having a good cash position is essential to operations.

Our budget, balance sheet and P&L statement is posted in the governance section HERE.  We strive for transparency in all aspects of the organization, feel free to review those documents and ask any questions that may arise.

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