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There are many benefits to YOU, as an official, and the DFOA, if we join the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO).  In our recent survey, a number of you indicated interest in joining NASO through DFOA.  Because the survey was anonymous, we were not able to record the names of those that had interest.  We need 25 officials to join as an organization.  Please read through the FAQ below and sign up at the end if you are interested.

We do need to act on this soon, deadline to apply below is:  FRIDAY, APRIL 12th, 2019, 5pm MST.

Is DFOA requiring me to join NASO?

Absolutely not, this is 100% optional.  We are trying to add value to your DFOA membership.  There is no pressure or requirement to join.

How can I save $32 on my NASO membership?

If you join NASO, on your own, as an individual member, the cost is $116 annually.  If you join through DFOA, you get the EXACT same benefits + the DFOA association benefits for $84 per year.

Is there a $25 DOFA dues incentive?

To encourage people to join NASO with DFOA, we will waive your $25 annual dues requirement for 2019.  Simply sign up, or move your existing NASO membership to DFOA and you will NOT be billed for your annual $25 dues.  This applies to 2019 DFOA dues only.

You can reduce your officiating costs by $57 for 2019 by participating in this program.

What are the benefits to me if I join NASO?

  • $6 million General Liability Coverage Excess coverage for claims for bodily injury, property damage and personal and advertising injury (defined as slander or libel) up to $6 million per occurrence general liability limit with a personal aggregate of $14 million.
  • Assault-Related $15,500 Coverage Provides coverage for certain attorney fees and medical expenses and game fee losses resulting from injuries suffered when an official is the victim of an assault and/or battery by a spectator, fan or participant while officiating.

A complete list of benefits and discounts in PDF format is HERE.  These benefits and insurance coverage are ABOVE and BEYOND the insurance you receive through CFOA dues and NFHS coverage.

What are the benefits to DFOA?

DFOA will get discounts on organizational insurance and access to resources that will help us run the association.  

How do I move my current NASO membership to DFOA?

Once you submit your name to DFOA, we will work with NASO to move your membership.  NASO will cancel your current, individual membership, and give you a pro-rated refund of your current individual membership.  DFOA will then send you an online invoice for $84.  Once paid, you are good to go.  You will then receive future invoices on your anniversary date with DFOA.

I’m not a current NASO member, how do I join?

Just submit your name in the form below.  DFOA will send you an invoice for $84 and enroll you with NASO.

How will I get renewals for NASO?

DFOA will invoice you annually and we will pay for all members at once.

What happens if I leave DFOA or move up to college football?

You can always transfer your NASO membership out of DFOA but you will be subject to paying the higher membership rate unless you join with a new NASO organizational member.

If you move up to college, you can always keep your membership with DFOA.  You are advised to keep your DFOA membership, even if inactive, and it will allow you to keep the discounted NASO rate.

Is NASO required to work college / RMAC football?

For those that want to move up to college, the RMAC has REQUIRED officials to be NASO members to fulfill the NCAA insurance requirements.  We don’t know if this requirement will continue in 2019 but in the past, you could not work an RMAC football game without being a NASO member.

Is this good for football only?

No, it’s good for all sports.  If you work baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. these benefits will extend to all those other sports.  Your membership will be active through football but it will benefit you in any other sports you work.

What happens if we don’t get 25 interested members?

We won’t be able to participate in the organizational membership program and we will discontinue pursuing this.  Your current membership will not be affected.

Where do I find my current NASO membership number?

If you are a current NASO member, we do need your current membership number.  It can be found in the top left corner of your mailing label on any copy of Referee Magazine.

What if I have more questions?

E-mail the Area Directors and we will answers questions as best we can.

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