DFOA 2020 COVID Officiating Guidelines

The guidelines below represent the official CHSAA policy for working high school football in Colorado.  This page will be kept up to date as the guidelines are changed or modified.  They can also be downloaded via the button below. 

Last Update: October 8, 2020

1- Masks must be worn to and from the field. During the game, a mask must be around the neck and used as appropriate. It need not be over the nose and mouth during the game, but the whistle must be blown under the mask or with a mask pouch. Please do not spray anyone with the whistle. Non-participants still need to be masked, although officials will not enforce mask requirements. Non-compliance by a team should be in the game report with a separate email to the Area Directors.

2- Locker rooms for officials are at the discretion of the host school. The white hat MUST call ahead to see what is available and notify the crew. If there is a dedicated officials’ locker room, it may or may not be available. We cannot go into any common use area. There should be Porta-Potties available at a minimum.

3- The BJ will not go to the press box. Instead, the clock operator will meet with the BJ on the field, 15 min before game time.

4- Coin Toss – pregame there is none. CHSAA will do a coin flip in their office for Varsity games. Results will be provided to crew chief/white hat for each game. For sub-varsity games, the Visitors team is deemed the winner. For OT, coin toss with one captain per team.

5- Pregame Meeting with Coaches: One coach and two officials only. The referee will go to the coach of the coin toss winner (Varsity) or Visitors (Sub-varsity) first and get his choice. He will tell the other coach what the choice is when they meet.

6- The referee may extend timeouts, quarter break and half time as necessary.

7- Lightning delays are an exception to no indoor usage.

8- The team box will be from the 10 to 10 and 10 yards back from the sideline if space allows. Team box rules apply, but a sideline warning cannot be issued unless team personnel are in the officials’ 2-yard belt immediately before or while the ball is live.

9- Outside the team box, the restraining line is 10 yards all around the field.

10- Only sideline conferences will be sued for TOs.

11- No changes to ball mechanics. Absolutely no ball boys on the field. U spots the ball which can be swapped out any time at his discretion.

12- Teams will provide disposable water bottles upon request.


13- Ball sanitizing – Teams/Ball personnel are not required to sanitize footballs during the game.

14- Flexibility – DFOA school districts are in various cities and counties and governed by various health departments. There will be differences based on city, county and health department regulations. There will also be differences based on local school district policies. Be flexible and assume that there will not be facilities or water available for officials.

15- Use game reports to communicate concerning COVID guideline behavior.

16- Common Sense Safety Options at all levels (in addition to guidelines):
(a) Have the offense bring their ball out after a change of possession;
(b) After a scrimmage play, point the ball carrier physically and verbally to the Umpire to deliver the ball;
(c) Have A players recover the ball on incomplete passes and deliver it to the Umpire;
(d) Use players as necessary to throw and catch the ball from their own sideline (but not the opponent’s sideline);
(e) If the ball becomes wet on a dry day, send it out and get a replacement;
(f) Have the kicker bring the ball out on free kicks;
(g) Send the old ball off with a member of the kicking team after free kicks and punts;
(h) Maintain distance from teams during timeouts;
(i) Wings work close to the sideline; and
(j) Head Lines keep the chain crew 2 full yards from the field at all times.

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