COVID-19 and High School Football

A few questions have come in about COVID-19 and the impact it may have on the upcoming football season.  As of today, it’s just too soon to tell.  August is a long time from now and events from this pandemic change rapidly…it’s a very fluid situation with updates almost hour-by-hour.  As I’m sure you have heard by now, CHSAA did cancel all remaining spring sports and most schools are out through mid-April, at a minimum.  The Colorado education system is in crisis mode and focused on eLearning, not sports, as they should be.  When, or if, the situation stabilizes a bit, we may hear some word on future athletic events.  For now, it’s business as usual at this time of year and we promise to update you on anything we hear as soon as possible.

It is our sincere hope this unprecedented event will be behind us by fall and life can get back to normal quickly.  With that in mind, the Area Directors are moving forward with planning for the 2020 season.  Until we hear differently from CFOA or CHSAA, DFOA will move forward with crew assignments and other activities normally done at this time of year.  We are encouraging Crew Chiefs to start their off season studies and host meetings virtually for now.  Hopefully your Crew Chief will reach out to you shortly with information on their plans and preparing for the season.

Lastly, the DFOA is a family and we want to help our members during this time of national crisis.  If you, or another DFOA member, need some kind of assistance to get through this event, please let the Area Directors know.  Some of our members are in the “high-risk” population and if you know of someone that needs assistance (i.e. supplies, medication, friendly voice, etc.) please let us know.  While we have limited resources, we will do whatever we can for our membership adversely impacted by the COVID-19 virus.

Stay safe, stay healthy… 

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