Colorado Football Mechanics

Colorado NFHS Mechanics Guide

In Denver, we follow the Colorado Mechanics Manual for five person crews.  These mechanics are based on the NFHS guide but have some minor modifications specific to Colorado.  This guide is published by CFOA in conjunction with Referee Magazine.  New officials are given a copy of this manual during their initial training class.  Veteran officials will receive a new copy every five years.  This manual was last published in 2018 and is expected to last through the end of the 2023 season.  Any changes or amendments to this guide will be published below.

Six person mechanics – Alternate Official

It’s becoming more common to assign a sixth official, especially during post-season play.  The sixth official is also referred to as the ‘Alternate Official’ or AO.  Mechanics and responsibilities for this position are posted below.

Five person mechanics supplement

There are minor changes from year to year that are not published in the manual.  The manual is printed once every five years.  Any changes to mechanics will be documented here.  The latest supplement is from 2019.

Four person mechanics

A crew of four is used on most sub-varsity games and any varsity contest where an official on a five person crew is injured. DFOA members should know this information as well as the five person mechanics.

Three person mechanics

While this is not an “official” supplement to the mechanics guide, it is a useful reference.  A crew of three would only be used in a sub-varsity contest.   While we try to work four man crews as much as possible for sub-varsity games, three person crews are a reality from time to time.  This is a “zip” file containing two PDF’s, you will need software to “unzip”, or decompress, this single file into two (most computers come with this by default).  One file is the NFHS three person guide and the other is a PPT file produced by DFOA.  The PPT illustrates the three person concepts.  Note, the NFHS is no longer updating or publishing the three person mechanics, it was discontinued in 2011.

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