Coaches Request
For Video Review

In the spirit of education for BOTH officials and coaches, the DFOA will allow a video review process, on a trial basis, for the upcoming season.  This is a post-game review only and under no circumstances shall video be utilized during a game.  This review process is for training and education only, it will not impact the outcome of a contest even if the call on the field is determined to be incorrect.  Video clips will be reviewed and graded by an impartial 3rd party (i.e. retired official, college official, etc.) with detailed knowledge of the rules and mechanics.  Feedback will be provided directly to the coach and the DFOA Area Directors

  • Requests must be submitted by head coach only, other requests will not be honored;
  • Plays for review must be submitted individually, multiple plays cannot be submitted on a single form;
  • Be reasonable in the number of clips submitted, keep it to no more than three per game;
  • If you are submitting a HUDL clip number, please make sure your video is shared with DFOA;
  • Be factual in your description and avoid “emotional” responses;
  • Evaluations will be done as soon as possible depending on volume of submissions received.
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