Colorado Football Officials Association

What is the relationship between CFOA and DFOA?


When you join the Denver Football Officials Association (DFOA) you are also enrolled as a member of the Colorado Football Officials Association (CFOA).  The DFOA represents one of sixteen different football officiating chapters (or areas) within Colorado.  You cannot be a member of DFOA without being a member of CFOA.  Also, the CFOA bylaws prevent an official from being an active member in more than one officiating area at a time.  You may transfer between areas at any time according to the policies of that area, but you cannot be active and receive game assignments in more than one area at a time.  The graphic below gives the best illustration between governing bodies for football officials in Colorado.


How much are CFOA dues?

Currently, it costs $90 per year to be enrolled with CFOA.  Dues must be paid by December 1st of each year and are considered “late” after that time.  Between December 2nd and March 1st of the following year, dues can still be paid but there is a $30 late fee assessed for a total of $120.  To retain varsity and playoff eligibility, dues must be paid no later than March 1st or you will be considered a “new official”.

What does my CFOA dues go toward?

Based on a financial statement issued by the CFOA Treasurer in June of 2018, your $90 dues payment is allocated in the following manner:

  • Insurance $20.70
  • Meetings and Clinics $19.80
  • Publications (Rule & Mechanics Books) $18.90
  • CHSAA (Mailing / Partner) $13.50
  • Registration (Arbiter) $12.60
  • Banquet / Salaries / Charity $4.50
This allocation is expected to remain the same through 2020 as CFOA dues have not changed.
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