Football Field

Week 10 – 2019

1-      Some school districts may have a cold weather policy. If conditions are such that cold weather may be a factor, the referee should ascertain local guidelines before the game so that game administrator(s), officials, and both sidelines are aware of potential disruptions. 2-      A team had only six players numbered 50-79 and one was …

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Football Field

Week 8 – 2019

1-      A defensive player yelled “go” causing a false start. The defense was properly charged with a USC for inducing a false start. Because the player could not be identified, the head coach was charged. There is no rules basis for doing that. If the perpetrator is unknown, the penalty should be enforced and not …

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Football Field

Week 2 – 2019

As you all know and understand, the kick rules are different and complex. They require extra study and understanding. We seem to have recurring problems with two related plays in particular that occur every other week, if not every week. 1-      The kicking team cannot advance a kick. That means the kicking team cannot score …

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