Best Wishes to Jerry Boles

One of our long time DFOA members, Jerry Boles, will be moving to Texas this year and unable to work in DFOA this fall.  Jerry wrote a touching letter to the Area Directors and we wanted to share it with the rest of the association.  We wish Jerry the best in his transition to Texas and there will always be a home for him in DFOA.

Dear Friends, I never saw this coming and it was hard to put these words together. I will be transferred to a new full-time position in Texas on the first of July 2019. I hope to remain active in DFOA, but clearly I will not be able to work this fall season or be around much. I will miss you all, fall will not be the same, standing on a Football field on a late Summer night with four other friends, turning to face the Flag while they play the National Anthem always was a sacred moment for me. I always felt that for a few hours kids, we’re going to get to play the great game of football, and that we would make sure it was fair and rules were respected. When I started officiating football some 25 years ago I never imagined how rare those opportunities would become in the world we live in today. Places where team work is vital to success and all people are treated fairly and rules are respected. I believe that it is only in such a setting that people can experience the real joys of life, live life to the fullest, pursue happiness, and truly play. It has been an honor and my pleasure to work with so many of you through the years. I will always treasure the memories, on the field and off. Those moments when we for a time that seems so short now we are a small part of the game where the past comes alive, the present is richer, and the future is always brighter.
Thanks and I hope to be back among you soon,

– Jerry Boles
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