Area Directors

The Area Directors are elected by members of the association for alternating three year terms.  They serve in a variety of roles and perform numerous functions to run the day-to-day operations of DFOA.

John Conklin

President - through 2022
John lives in southwest Denver with his wife of 25 years, Michele. He has two very tall boys, Evan, 21 and Ryan, 18, in college at Washington State and Washington, D.C., respectively. John is an attorney practicing law since 1994 and defending physicians at trial in medical malpractice cases. He has been a dedicated football official since 1998, first as a Head Linesman and the past 12 years as a Referee.Mr. Conklin worked as the Head Linesman in the 2006 5A State Championship game, Referee in the 2012 A6 State Championship game, and Referee in the 2016 5A State Championship game. He is passionate about football as a sport, a game, and an educational experience for student-athletes and officials. He previously served as a DFOA Area Director in 2013 when Kirk Russell was elected as CFOA President. Time commitments to job and family prevented him from then running for another term, but he is now an empty-nester and looks forward to a 3-year term working to make the officiating experience better for DFOA members. John has served as a Crew Chief since 2015.Non-football hobbies include golfing, skiing, international travel, and scuba diving. One of these is sort of challenging in Colorado.

John Juranek

Vice-President - through 2021
John is a married father of three boys, John, Justin and Brandon.  His wife of 30 years has been very patient with him and his officiating career. John's gracious family has allowed him to work in sports officiating for a long time.There is a point to being over committed to what you do, family, job, and his love of baseball and football. John thanks his wife and DFOA for allowing him the opportunity to serve all of you in this position.John began officiating football in 1996, spent three years at the youth level, worked two more at the lower level high school. His first varsity assignment came in  2002 after he took the NFHS test at the Calvary Baptist Church.  Rick Cole was his first mentor and crew chief.John currently works baseball as a second sport and is associated with Area 1 in Denver. Baseball has also has been very rewarding for John, to those who work both of these sports thank you for all you do for the game.In closing, John is just getting his feet wet as an Area Director. Thank you, let him know if he can help you.

Jeff Penney

Treasurer - through 2023
Jeff resides on a small horse property in Parker, with his wife of 25 years, and father of two kids; Tyler and Kelly. He started officiating youth football in 1985, in East Texas. He moved quickly into varsity level football the following year, and thereafter for 13 years, before moving to Colorado.Raising kids and travel with work kept Jeff out of officiating football, until 2012 – when he joined the DFOA.  His first Varsity game assignment, was at the R position.  “I realized quickly after being out of football officiating, how much I really missed it.”  Thankfully, kids sports filled the void – watching his son’s high school football team play at a chance to win the 5A Championship, and his daughter’s track & field team winning the girls 5A Championship was both very rewarding.Jeff is Vice President of an automotive parts distributor, with 7 locations across the US. Hobbies include; horseback riding, golf, and racquetball. 2019 marks his first year as Crew Chief, and working the R position. 2018 was very rewarding, working the 5A Championship Game – at the Back Judge position.There have been many officials over the years help shape my ability to officiate football, and some of them are in the DFOA today – it’s a great organization! I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve the members of the DFOA in this role. My dedication and effort will be nothing short of 100%, to ensure a healthy and growing DFOA going forward.  Thank you.

Don Bates

Vice-President - through 2023
Don currently resides in Frederick, CO with his wife of 25 years, Brenda. Together, they have 4 children, Tony (a fellow official), Tim, Amanda, and Christopher all in the Denver area along with 2 “kids” Samantha and Charlee our Border Collie/Lab mixes. He is currently employed with Oracle USA, Inc. as a Senior Principal Instructor teaching database administration, identity management, and SQL language courseware. Don started officiating football in 1996 one year after graduation from High School at the suggestion from his former High School baseball coach who was an official as well. For Don, the majority of the 44 seasons worked was at the Back Judge position but has worked all positions on the field and is currently working as the Head Linesman spot for the past 8 years. Don’s first love is baseball and has participated as a High School umpire but due to travel requirements for work had to stop. He has the most fun working football and truly enjoys the camaraderie and fellowship that football crews afford. It is this enjoyment that he wishes to pass on to the membership by serving as an Area Director and looks to help all of our membership improve and strive for perfection. He has been fortunate to have been selected to work 4 State Championship games, the 1990 2A as the Line Judge, the 2006 1A as the Back Judge, the 2016 3A as the Head Linesman, and the 2020 5A once again as the Head Linesman. Don’s hobbies besides football include golf, watching baseball, camping, shooting, and smoking meats (briskets, pork roasts and ribs, and turkeys) and making home-made pizzas from scratch!
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