Pre-season Notes From George

1.     In a Foundation game, a team ran a true hurry-up offense the entire game. After a long run, the officials were able to keep up with the players, but the chain crew could not. The umpire held the ball waiting for the chain crew which infuriated the offense’s coach. That was incorrect – do NOT wait for the chain crew. The applicable paragraph from p. 229 of the CFOA Mechanics Manual is repeated below.

Chain crew. When the 40-second
count applies, the ball can be snapped
as soon as it is spotted. That requires the
“box man” to hustle to the next spot after
instructed by the Linesman. If the box is
not in place when the snap is imminent,
the Linesman will drop a bean bag to
indicate the placement of the box. Under
no circumstances will the play clock be
re-set to 25-seconds because of a slow
chain crew.

2.     Game Reports. Please remind your referees to submit a game report for each varsity game and for any sub varsity game in which there is an ejection or some other special situation. Game Reports are due by 8 AM on Monday morning and within 24 hours if there is an ejection. I will forward all reports to Area Directors once I read them. If you don’t have all your reports by Noon on Monday, it would be a big help if you would remind your referee to submit it.

3.      Guardian Caps. They are not legal for interscholastic competition, but could be used for practices at the option of the school.

4.      No-man’s land. We all know it is possible for a player to line up so he is neither legally a lineman nor legally a back. The officiating community refers to that as “no-man’s land.” For game purposes, the wing official must decide whether such a player on a specific play will be treated as a lineman or a back. The official should be guided by two thoughts: (1) Treat the player the way he wanted to line up, and (2) Consider how the defense will interpret the player with regard to eligibility. Clearly covered players with eligible numbers must be treated as ineligible. After the play, the coach should be advised of the situation. Repeated violations should be flagged as an illegal formation.



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